Just a lunch packer!

Who would think that while packing lunches I would have a moment of clarity?

Trying desperately to keep my head above water in a crazy household with endless laundry, dishes and noise. Dusty shelves and tripping over something in the living room is just par for the course. 

My kids and husband always have on clean clothes, food to eat, beds with somewhat clean sheets to sleep in, so I figure I’m not doing too bad.

Today while packing lunches I was annoyed. 3 sandwiches, 3 applesauces, 3 bags of grapes, 3 cookies, 3 drinks, 3 notes to let the fools know I think of them while they’re at school. Is this my life? Is this all I am? A maid/nanny/cook/chauffeur?

 Then it hit me… Yes! You are all those things! Delight in the many things that you are. Those are all such important things. I’m also a professional snuggler and homework helper. I could major in kissing boo-boos and being the loudest fan on the sideline. I’d go so far in saying I’d be summa cum laude in putting just the right amount of ranch on a plate for chicken nuggets. I would have a gold medal in the art of telling kids to go brush their teeth and then to go do it again because they didn’t do it good enough the first time. 

I am in this wild time in life where it’s pure chaos, but also monotonous. We are constantly on the go, but somehow the kids still find the time to tell me they’re bored. 

After laying out clothes for tomorrow and putting away two loads of laundry, I got lunches ready. When the kids get home, I will get their lunch boxes from them, fill them and stick them back in the refrigerator for the next day.

Today I’ll delight in packing lunches because this time is short. I’ll blink and my oldest will be off to college, the baby will have homework and the middle two will be experiencing their first high school detention. While eating lunch is only a small part of their day, it’s vital. My role of Mom is important. Today, I’ll acknowledge that while they could make it without me they won’t have to because I’m here in whatever role they need from me. Today that role is lunch packer.

6 thoughts on “Just a lunch packer!

  1. You are all these things, but you are also a few more: amazing Christian, role model for other moms, and….. one heck of a good writer. Keep it up Erin.


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