Cheers to nap time!

Happy New Year!

My 2 year old went to bed at 12:40 and woke up at 6:30. Seriously, what a glorious way to start off this year! He greeted me with his perfectly timed and innocently stated, “Hi, Mom” as I opened his door and for some reason I was instantly in a better mood. It’s easy to get lost in everyday life and take the simple things for granted. This morning I didn’t for a second take his, “Hi, Mom” for granted.

It’s 2019. I’m 31, married to a good man and have been granted the role of mother not just once or twice, but four times. I have two living parents and a wonderful older brother who recently found the love of his life and will marry her. With that marriage, I’ll gain a nephew which is about as good as it gets. I have wonderful in laws, and an extended family that most would envy. I can’t forget my friends. My friends are second to none and sometimes I have to take a second to thank God because I really don’t think I’m worthy of the friends I have.

The wrinkles, bags under the eyes and frazzled hair is all there for your viewing pleasure because I’m nothing, if not authentic. I drank only 2 beers last night (and had a buttery nipple shot – of course), but feel like I downed a keg like a fraternity brother on Spring Break. I guess this is what it’s like to get older!?! Only 5 hours of sleep after a night filled with laughter in a packed house no longer cuts it. I would do last night over and over again though because I sure do love my people.

I WILL be napping today when my toddler does. My older boys will not only be allowed, but encouraged to play video games for the duration of that nap and possibly even after. Unless they start fighting over who built/killed/danced this way or that way because that’s the stupid things kids fight about when Fortnite is involved. If that happens, my nap will be ruined and I’ll probably lose my mind and yell at them, sending them to their room and I’ll accidentally wake the sleeping toddler and it will be awful. I figure if I prepare early for the worst this day has to offer, it won’t be as bad.

I am making no New Year’s resolutions and if I was I wouldn’t share them anyway. I most certainly don’t want people trying to hold me accountable! 😬. I plan to stay sarcastic, but charming. I’ll continue to love those that don’t always deserve it and pray for people rather they think they need it or not.

I’ll love my people and be so grateful for another year with them. I’m sure I’ll put my foot in my mouth a few times and inadvertently piss off people. I’ll keep any drama back in 2018. Everyone I come in contact with has a clean slate, I hope that I can receive the same from them.

I’ll keep attending and serving at my church and encouraging anyone who will listen (and those who don’t want to listen) to do the same, rather it’s at my church or elsewhere. If I have learned anything in my 31 years it’s that a walk with God is easier with a homebase.

I’m just going to live. I’m going to try and do so as authentically, vulnerably and joyfully as possible. Simple enough, right? Here’s to 2019 and making it the best year yet, but first up for me, a nap.


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