Advent with an Impossible Duo

Here’s the deal y’all…

It’s been a long couple of weeks with Twin A and Twin B (aka Owen and Evan). These two have seriously brought my husband and I to the brink and back again. They have been rude, disrespectful, mean and almost impossible. Yes, I know some people will be surprised to hear this. I’m often complimented on their politeness and kind hearts. They are polite and sensitive with beautifully kind and empathetic hearts. They just save the worst for me and that’s ok. They don’t know it yet, but I was made for this work and I’m no quitter. Every effort I give them will always be worth it.

Today their room was emptied of anything helping to make it fun, extra comfortable, or “homey”. They were left with only their bed, dresser and desk. This is because we have threatened so many things and been forced to take them away, and we are left with now taking away healthy and good, but unnecessary comforts. We removed their cork board from their bedroom wall, the extra stuffed animals and even their beloved Christmas tree among other things. These are now taking up a large amount of space in my bedroom, so believe me I am looking forward to them getting them back.

I started a little bible study through the book of Luke with them that will focus on the life of Christ. They are also doing their Christmas journals they received at church. Tonight these two impossible boys climbed up into my bed and we spent 35 minutes in the word together before bed. I’m struggling to be the parent these two need. I’m trying to figure it out, but goodness, it’s hard. All I know in times like these is God’s got it. I’m certain I’m raising good humans. I believe that to the very depths of my soul. They will one day be incredible adults. Right now though, they are difficult kids. Right now I am just holding on. I’m giving God the power to work on them and to use me as his vessel. I don’t know any other way. I’m just going to keep waking up everyday and giving them more grace than the day before. I’m just going to love them and have faith that it’s enough. Also, nothing is impossible with God, even this case of double trouble!

Here’s to a better week! Happy December everyone! ☺️

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  1. It’s the difficult times that make the good ones so precious. Being a mom or grandma/mom is some rough territory not for the faint of heart. Just keep loving and guiding. As you said God has our boys in His hand and He will lead their hearts. Good luck getting your room back. I was more forceful than you. Our guys stuff went to some needy children. No return after being disrespectful. I’m afraid some day soon he will be sleeping on the floor and using boxes for his few clothes. Keep your chin up Mom. You got this.

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