Dear School,

Dear School,

We miss you.

We miss the bus rides and trading Pokémon cards.

We miss your routines and structures.

We miss your tests and grades.

We miss your daily announcements.

We miss your hallways filled with high fives and displays of great work.

We miss your lockers and the conversations that happened at them.

We miss your centers and circle time.

We miss your lunch trays and voice levels.

We miss your pencil sharpeners and white boards.

We miss your music and art class.

We miss your recess and friendships.

We miss your brain breaks and rules.

We miss your teachers.

We miss your fire drills and gym class.

We miss the smiles, laughter and joy.

We miss everything about you.

We hope we get the chance for dances, spring sports and spring musicals.

We hope we get the chance for graduations.

We hope we get the chance to say good bye before the weather stays in the 80s and pools open.

If we don’t get the chance, we will do our best to understand, we promise. We will tell ourselves over and over it was the best thing to do.

We will be sad though.

We will need time to mourn the loss.

In the mean time, please know we miss you and we’ll do our best to never take you for granted again.


The Iles Boys and Mom


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