Closing the book on 2016

I can with all honesty say that 2016 has been the best year of my life. Obviously, I was blessed with my fourth and final child, my precious Asher Jude. He has been the most perfect addition to this crazy family of mine. We haven’t missed a beat with our go with the flow little […]

One of those days. 

Today was that day.  That day that everything went wrong and I wasn’t good enough for anyone especially my husband and kids who deserve so much better. Today started with another restless night because of a teething baby. I had to redo the laundry in the washer and definitely hit refresh in the dryer more […]

It’s just a season.

One day your biggest concern is what you’re doing with your boyfriend the coming weekend, the very next day you’re preparing for motherhood. It’s just a season that flies by quickly and it doesn’t last. One day your biggest want is an engagement ring and a fun filled wedding, the very next day it’s that […]