Today, Bobby and the big boys head back to school and work. It’s been so great being off and having a break from the craziness of our schedules to experience the craziness of Christmas. Ha-ha. 

We’ve had a great week and half and I have come to realize even more this past week how lucky I am to be married to a good man. Marriage is so hard and anyone who says otherwise is lying. I hear people say too often, “Oh my gosh, I just hate him.” “I can’t stand him.” It makes me sad that people are living this way because there was a time that I was. 

We have went through incredibly difficult times. There was a time where I was certain it would be my last Christmas married to him, but then something amazing happened. God found his way and pushed himself right into the middle of our marriage. The cards aligned perfectly and we have found a happiness that I wish everyone could have. For the people who have it, cling to it and nurture it! With him leading the way, we were able to mend what was damaged. We found what was missing and it changed everything. I look back on the last few years with gratitude. I thank God for being bold and moving into our lives like a hurricane consuming the coast.

My marriage is still messy. It isn’t like in the movies or on tv. My marriage is still FAR from perfect, but it’s good and it continues to evolve everyday into something I can praise God for.

Marriage isn’t pretty, but is so many other things.

Marriage is struggling to avoid saying “I told you so.” Even though, “I told you so”

Marriage is doing that specific chore louder than necessary because you want the other person who isn’t helping to know you’re doing it. 

Marriage is hating the beard, moustache or hair cut, but loving the person.

Marriage is knowing the dressing they want on their salad.

Marriage is leaving love notes to be discovered on days that aren’t February 14.

Marriage is making dinner together and letting the kids play Xbox in the basement for over two hours just to have a date night in. Babysitters are expensive! 

Marriage is seeing someone give birth (in my case 4x) and still wanting to have sex with them.

Marriage isn’t typically opening car doors, but sometimes it’s slamming them.

Marriage is letting him rub your arm even though you’re so ticklish that you feel like you might jump out of your skin.

Marriage is morning breath.

Marriage is being able to tell someone “dang, these kids suck.”

Marriage is seeing a person at their most vulnerable moment and loving them more than ever.

Marriage is rolling your eyes; so much rolling your eyes.

Marriage is having in-laws and learning new family tradititions. 

Marriage is using the bathroom while the other person is in the shower a foot away.

Marriage is having someone to zip your dress, straighten your tie, tell you look stupid in that or let you know a booger is hanging out of your nose. 

Marriage is loving a postpartum body when the person wearing the body hates it.

Marriage is thanking God for that person because you know you would be lost without them.

Marriage is having “your shows”. Finding the time to watch them, that’s a whole other thing.

Marriage is being able to speak to each other for a solid minute or two using only movie quotes.

Marriage is board game competition. It can get ugly.

Marriage is grabbing their butt in the kitchen.

These days people seem to be a fan of long term relationships filled with having children, buying homes and cars, traveling together. They do everything married couples do without being married. Myself included, I did married couple things before getting married. I’m here to say, take the plunge! Share the insurance and the last name. Love unconditionally, but sign the paper and make it official. 

Life isn’t easy. There are times when life is downright dreadful, but with marriage you have a commitment (that isn’t easy to break) that you don’t have to celebrate or cry alone. 

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