I am the one thing in life I can control.

I know I’ll always look back on Covid 19 and remember the loss of control I felt and how terrible it was to feel like my head was constantly spinning in a circle. I hope I too remember that the loss of control brought so many other things to the surface that I loved. I […]

Happy Quaranfourteen, my boy!

14 years ago at this time, I didn’t yet know you. We were just hours away from meeting and I can’t wrap my head around that life changing day being 14 years ago. 14 years ago I didn’t know your hair would be blonde ringlets all through your toddler years and that your afro would […]

Dear School,

Dear School, We miss you. We miss the bus rides and trading Pokémon cards. We miss your routines and structures. We miss your tests and grades. We miss your daily announcements. We miss your hallways filled with high fives and displays of great work. We miss your lockers and the conversations that happened at them. […]

I didn’t know.

I didn’t know when I married him that he would be the kind of guy that would read the book more than once when the three year old asked. I didn’t know that he would work so hard and keep moving up and eventually make enough that I’d able to be home to raise our […]


Tomorrow you’ll be taller and wiser than you were today. Tomorrow you’ll listen and not throw a fit when it’s time to go. Tomorrow you’ll use the potty all by yourself and not need my assistance for that private time. I will also be able to use it without an audience. Tomorrow you’ll speak clearly […]

So… This is 31.

Sitting here amongst the chaos of our lives eating a dinner we sort of prepared together. This dinner of salmon, potatoes and asparagus was within the calorie range we’re both trying to keep. During half the dinner prep I was running two of our children where they needed to be. He started dinner and held […]

On the horizon is 13.

All the pictures here are from the short time that my oldest was an only child. Now, on the horizon is 13. Yesterday I reserved a space to have my son’s 13th Birthday. Equally exciting and heartbreaking. My oldest boy is on the brink of adolescence and it’s a bit hard to comprehend. I took […]

Cheers to nap time!

Happy New Year! My 2 year old went to bed at 12:40 and woke up at 6:30. Seriously, what a glorious way to start off this year! He greeted me with his perfectly timed and innocently stated, “Hi, Mom” as I opened his door and for some reason I was instantly in a better mood. […]

The Blanket

I was organizing a closet today, while trying to avoid the mess that my entire house was. Anyone else do that? Get so overwhelmed by the magnitude of the mess and laundry that you work tirelessly hard at something that doesn’t matter all that much? If you don’t do that, good for you! If my […]