It’s only 11:00 am and I have already failed today. I failed to make it out of the house this morning without having a petty argument with my husband. I failed trying to talk to my tween about all the stuff I probably should in the brief time I have alone with him in the […]


Yesterday was my anniversary. It has been nine years since our “I dos”. It’s been fifteen years since we first started dating. It’s been eleven years since we became parents. You can put your life on a timeline, easily. You can document different events by the date they happened, but it doesn’t bring the life […]

Thank you, Mom. 

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I’m certain I’ll be seeing post after post on social media about how “I have the best mom”. I don’t doubt people believe that.  I had a childhood that was filled with joyous occasions with my Mom. The innocence that comes from being a child is something I still envy. […]

A Year Ago 

A year ago I didn’t know you would grow out of your 0-3 month clothes so quickly.  A year ago I didn’t know I would arrive at the hospital and you would be born just an hour later. A year ago I didn’t know how amazing your brothers would be with you. The depth of […]