Achieving my own greatness.

I’m raising four boys. I have a vital role in making sure four boys become valued members of society, good husbands and fathers, have a good work ethic and respect for their neighbor. I want to believe that I’m raising boys who will always stand up for what they believe in after they have educated themselves to the best of their abilities on the topic. I want them to decide how they feel on their own, but only after trying to look at all sides and attempting to be empathetic to all. I hope that they speak up for those unable to do so for themselves. I want to believe they will always support one another and never doubt that their Mom and Dad did the very best job they could.

I pray daily that they will always have a fire in their heart for God and that they don’t waste anytime second guessing that he is in complete control of their lives. I want their minds to grow, but their spirit at the same rate. I want them to sit with the kid who no one else sits with at lunch. I want them to seek friendships that both challenge them and bring them joy. I want them to pursue careers that require them to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I want them to ask girls on dates in person, not over texts or Snapchat or whatever is around when the time comes for them to start dating. I want them to open car doors. I want them to pay for the date. I want them to be physical in the good way; by holding her hand, letting her cry on his shoulder and kissing her on the forehead and I hope that they receive that in return.

I want them to have their heart broke (not too hard) just enough that they know not to take for granted someone’s love for them. I want them to grasp that they never have to settle for less than what they deserve, but that doesn’t mean modifying certain things in your life isn’t sometimes necessary. I want them to understand that their perfect mate doesn’t exist. We are all flawed and when you accept that your flaws are not any better or worse than theirs, you’ll reach the maturity needed for real love.

How in the world will I achieve all these things? Only time will tell if I even come close to getting there. For now, I’ll open car doors for them and kiss their foreheads when I say good night. I’ll hold their hands. I’ll let them see me cry when my heart hurts. In a world where boys/men aren’t supposed to cry I’ll hold them when they need to so they know that for as long as I’m living I will be the safe place for them to wear their emotion on their sleeve.

I’ll be sure they see me respectfully disagree with their Dad so they don’t expect their future wife to cower to them. I’ll be sure they understand that I look to my husband as a leader, but also a partner and I wouldn’t choose anyone else to go through this life with. I’ll be sure they see me kiss and hug their Dad, so they know that disagreements are a natural part of marriage.

I’ll take them to church every Sunday and I’ll stay involved as a servant within the church so they know the importance of a serving heart. I’ll be their biggest cheerleader rather it be in academics, sports or arts. I’ll encourage them to go to college, but try and be ok if they want to work right out of high school and spend time traveling, join the military or perfect a trade.

My only goal in this life is for the four boys I’m raising to achieve greatness. Greatness can be achieved in numerous forms. What impact they bring to this world may not necessarily be through a large bank account, huge invention, worldwide fame or an incredible ability, but they will make their mark.

I don’t make any money. You won’t find my name in any record books. However, I like to think I’m achieving my own kind of greatness in my role as Mom to Isaiah, Evan, Asher and Owen.

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