Celebrating 10 years of Marriage.

10 years ago I wore a beautiful dress and my hair was pinned up perfectly. I had makeup applied that while it looked great, made me feel a bit not like myself. I had watched every person in the wedding party walk down the aisle and it was my turn. You were crying at the […]


Weekday Mornings

School started last week, which means I’m waking up at or around 6 am to start my day, sometimes earlier. I don’t necessarily have to get up at that time, but that is when the oldest wakes up and starts getting ready for his day. The first week he struggled with eating because of his […]

The Middle Boys

He keeps looking up from the mat, anytime he can pause for even a millisecond, he searches for me. He’s my little ninja, my Owen. He’s finally found something that belongs to him and he wants to be sure I see him. Oh my boy, I’m definitely watching. I’m watching every chop, punch, kick and […]


**This was written a few years ago when I was certain my youngest children were starting school. We had been trying for some time to have another and I had accepted that God wanted us to be a family of 5. Owen and Evan starting school was one of the most emotional and bittersweet times […]

Is this our new normal?

***This was written a few months ago and it was saved so I could edit later. Things were too new, too raw and I was afraid of sharing something I would later regret. Today I told my eleven year old to not be a hero. In the past two months school shootings have shook our […]


It’s only 11:00 am and I have already failed today. I failed to make it out of the house this morning without having a petty argument with my husband. I failed trying to talk to my tween about all the stuff I probably should in the brief time I have alone with him in the […]